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I have been publishing a new article on this website every Sunday since July 2021 and have only missed it a few times. Today I would like to give you an insight into where the information I publish here comes from and why I write articles in the first place.

If you browse my website, you'll stumble across my bio. It tells you that I am currently (in January 2024) studying Geography in the Bachelor of Science program and that I am 20 years old. Meanwhile, my articles are mainly about productivity, well-being, knowledge management and philosophy – does that even fit? Although I'm not a CEO or manager, I was still able to learn about these topics and also gain practical experience in a kind of “leadership position” as chair of the Student Council. Of course, that doesn't make me a guru or expert, who writes perfect articles, but I don't want to be that. The purpose of this website is to share my experience from my life and perhaps to inspire some of the people reading my articles to try something new or get to know a different point of view.

I don't want to present myself as an expert who knows everything, has already mastered every challenge and preaches the supposedly only correct philosophy of life. All the approaches and ideas I write about in my articles should be seen as suggestions and experiments. Some of them may work for you – but probably not all of them. All people are different, work in different ways and lead completely different lives.

I hope my articles resonate with you, especially if you are also currently studying at a university. If you already started your career or even work in a management position, you are probably more experienced than me and have significantly more life experience. That's why I'm happy for you to contact me with suggestions for improvement, ideas or criticism.

In my articles, in addition to my own (limited) life experience, I also draw on ideas and concepts from other people that I have learned about in books, blog posts, videos or other media. My articles are not academic essays with citations and bibliographies, but I still link to their original source (either as a link in the text or in a footnote) if an idea is not mine. However, I do not simply reproduce other people's ideas, but relate them to my own perspective and experiences.

So, to summarize, my articles should be interpreted as suggestions that make sense to me from my own perspective. I write my articles in such a way that they would have helped me as a reader at that moment. This means that my articles will evolve over time as I gain more life experience, learn new things and start my professional life after my studies. That's a good thing because it traces my own development and maybe you can learn something in the process. And in my opinion, that's what ultimately matters in a fulfilling life where you develop your potential to the best of your ability.