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There Will Always Be Something to Do

Stress, worries and insecurities often lead us to wish we had already completed a certain task or project. “If project X was done, I wouldn't be so stressed. I won't be so insecure in two months' time because my presentation will be done by then.” Such thoughts are completely normal, but they don't help us to process our negative feelings.

It is human to wish that our difficulties will end and that we can relax afterwards. Unfortunately, this wish is not realistic, because life just goes on. When the project that is currently worrying you is finished, the next project is already waiting for you. It will never happen that you have finished everything and no longer have to worry.

This is why we have to learn to deal with our feelings now. If you only focus on an imaginary future moment when all your problems will magically be solved, it will only make you feel worse.

Accept Your (Negative) Feelings

The first step in processing your emotions is to accept their existence. It's normal and not at all a bad thing if something is stressing you out and you wish you had done it already. For example, before I started my semester abroad, I wished I had already arrived and settled in so that I wouldn't have to go through this. Looking back, however, it was precisely this time that shaped me and helped me move forward.

The most difficult times in our lives are those in which we have the chance to surpass ourselves and develop further. You should try to enjoy this time as much as possible and be mindful. No matter how much you wish you could travel into the future, you always have to experience the present – so you might as well try to make the most of it.

There Is No Finish Line

Because it will never happen that you have completed all your tasks and all your worries disappear, we have to see life as an endless journey without a finish line. The only way to be happy in this reality is to enjoy the journey itself without being fixated on the destination. You have to savor the journey with all its twists and turns, even if that means accepting your worries and problems.

If you have managed to change your mental attitude and accept the present, then it is possible to positively influence your life and reduce your worries. Ironically, reducing your worries involves saying goodbye to the idea that you can make all your problems disappear after certain projects are done.