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Life Milestones

I refer to the most defining moments of my life as life milestones. These can be a graduation, a wedding, or an anniversary, for example. For each event, I write why the moment is important to me.

Through these life milestones, I have a rough overview of my life.

Daily Highlights and Contacts

In my journal, I write what happened in one sentence every day. It can be small things, like the publication of an article, or big things, like a graduation ceremony.

If an event is particularly important, I transfer it to my life milestones.

I also write down the people I've had contact with that day. This helps me to quickly see which people I have a close relationship with and which people I should contact more often.

Looking back, I can track what I've done with whom on each day of my life since the beginning of 2021. This way, I can plan my life better. So that I'm not overwhelmed by this overview, there is the …

Weekly Overview

In my weekly overview, I collect the daily highlights and contacts. You can read more about my diary routine in my article “Review Your Own Life.”

I also write a few paragraphs about my feelings and thoughts in the weekly overview so I can track how I felt later.

Also, it helps to plan the day so that you do meaningful things. Thereby you automatically use your attention better.

Intentional Photography

Cell phones and computers today provide space for incredible amounts of photos and videos. Many people own thousands of photos.

In my opinion, however, no one will look at 100,000 photos again, but rather 100. Therefore, one should take only a few photos, but they should be taken intentional.

Each photo I saved triggers a memory in me. Photos only trigger these memories, but can never replace them.

Of course, videos and photos can be connected to the previous points. If you follow these steps, a multimedia summary of your own life is created over time and you can recall the important moments at any time.