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Rest is the most significant factor in our well-being and productivity. We all know that we need to regenerate energy and switch off from time to time, but despite this, the modern world seems to be limiting the time we have to rest.

There are many theories as to why this is so. Capitalism wants us to consume or produce at all times – Social Media makes us addicted to spend more time on internet platforms – and so on…

How can we get enough rest despite these difficulties? And how much recovery do we need anyway?

How Do We Recover?

Sleep is the simplest form of recovery. However, mental and emotional recovery are just as important as sufficient sleep.

To truly recover, you need to be balanced in every area of your life. In addition to sufficient sleep, social interactions and mindfulness, leisure time must not be neglected. In this context, leisure includes everything that you do voluntarily and with pleasure. Fun also regenerates energy!

In a nutshell, you have to find a good work balance. Also, not everything is recreation that looks like it. For example, surfing on social media is not restful because you worry about other people's opinions and can become addicted to these technologies.

Good rest is achieved, for example, through valuable interactions with friends and family, time in nature, and meditation.

How Much Rest Do We Need?

In general, you need more rest than you think. One vacation a year is not enough to recharge our energy reserves. You should take care from day to day to have enough time for regeneration for yourself.

Although it is possible to make up for deficits, this is only possible to a limited extent. Regular and high-quality rest is therefore important. This also includes dealing with stress in the right way. If the energy that you regenerate is immediately used up again, you are not rested.

Despite all this, you should not worry too much, but try to switch off. Recovery is not about perfection, but about fun and regeneration. It is a natural process that each of us can master.

Don't be too hard on yourself. Allow yourself the time you need to be fully operational and productive again later.