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Many books and blogs tout productivity tricks that supposedly make you more productive in no time. However, the majority of this advice doesn't work and I was convinced that there were no tips that could double your productivity without effort.

However, the Rule of Three presented by Chris Bailey in his book “The Productivity Project” proved me wrong. With this rule, it is possible to completely change the way you work in under five minutes

The Rule of Three

Every day, you set a maximum of three tasks that you want to have completed in any case by the end of the day. You do the same at the beginning of each week. All other tasks are optional. It is possible to keep one list for private and one list for professional tasks.

This technique should be used in your planning ritual, because it increases productivity on three levels:

This technique is, in my opinion, one of the few productivity tips, if not the only one, that yields big results with little effort. Give it a try if, like me, you're skeptical at first! It helps if you create a task checklist for each project.

If you structure your day and week this way you will be more focused, productive and mindful in no time. But never forget: productivity is not the real goal!