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In my opinion, all websites should simplify their design. Also, everyone should have a personal website. Besides the fact that good design has many advantages, there are three reasons why I chose a minimalist website.

Minimalist Design Is Aesthetic

This statement is a matter of taste. I find a minimalist design appealing and timeless.

It makes my website look modern and not cluttered. At the same time, the layout supports the next reason.

Concentration on the Content

Since this website has a simple design, the focus automatically falls on the content. The few images and graphics stand out and text catches the eye faster.

For the visitors – for you – there are no distractions from ads, banners or pop-ups. My articles consist of pure text.

As a result, you can (hopefully) understand the layout of the website and find your way around. Of course, my articles are still not perfect.


I have programmed this website myself. Read my article “Programming Without Previous Knowledge” if you want to learn more about this project.

The basic order of programming is: functionality, speed, design.

First, the code must work reliably. This website is future-proof and less error-prone because it doesn't rely on third-party programs. For example, there are no social media buttons. At the same time, this independence provides high compatibility with devices and browsers.

Next, the code must be fast without compromising functionality. Since the code of this website is very small, you don't need a fast internet connection to access a page. There is no unnecessary code.

Lastly, the design comes into play. Despite the simplicity, I like the look of my website. It is simple, but still its design has been thought out.

These points result in my website being fast, content-focused, and future-proof without sacrificing anything in design. Code generators in particular can slow down your website a lot.

In programming as in design, less is more.