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Why We Need to Let Go

Most of the time, it's not until you say goodbye that you realize that something is coming to an end. On the one hand, this can make you sad, because life goes on and everything is transient. On the other hand, you can see this insight in a positive light and be grateful for the experiences you have had in your life.

The saying is true: When something ends, something new begins. You can't say yes to everything. If you want to have new experiences, it is inevitable to let go of something old.

Without letting go of something, we can't learn anything new. Otherwise, you no longer leave your comfort zone and unlearn to endure discomfort and the unknown. Once that happens, it's all the more difficult to learn that skill again.

Why We Should Sometimes Hold On

Still, we should be aware of the things in life we don't want to let go. We should not leave it completely to chance what changes in our lives, but actively work to keep some things.

This can be a life partner, but also a hobby. When you are clear about what you want to preserve, you know what you are willing to let go. If new opportunities make it necessary to give something up, you then have to weigh what your priorities are.

For example, if I get a job offer on the other side of the world, but would have to leave my partner for it, then I would have to make a decision. But to do that, I have to know my priorities.

One danger to watch out for is trying to hold on to too many things at once. Either they will be snatched away from you and you will be even sadder to have lost them, or you will limit your possibilities to make new experiences.

What This Means for Our Decisions

In summary, it is perfectly normal for things to end and for old things to be let go. You should be aware of this and value your experiences all the more.

However, you have to get your priorities in order so that you can make good decisions. When a new opportunity presents itself, you need clear priorities in order to make a decision.

So, this kind of decision is always a balancing act between the known/comfortable and the new/uncomfortable. Our job is to find a middle ground that fits our goals and personality. Some people have a tendency toward the unknown and love to jump into new adventures. Others need a safe haven to return to.

When something ends, something new begins – but we should make sure that this new thing fits our goals and priorities in the best possible way.