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In a world full of laws and restrictions, it seems counterproductive to introduce even more rules. But in order to live a moral life, you should establish guidelines.

Christianity and other religions show that there must be certain rules for living together. These laws do not have to be religious, but there is no way around philosophy.

Everyone should establish his own guidelines. I have read many books on Stoicism, so my principles are strongly influenced by this philosophy.

You should also set your own basic values and guidelines, for example, based on your past experiences and mistakes. At the end of this article, you will find my personal life vows, as I call them. Feel free to be inspired by them and write your own!

Having a moral compass makes it easier to react appropriately even in difficult situations. The vows can be a kind of guiding star.

Of course, these rules are ideals and it is not possible to follow them in every situation in life. Nevertheless, I believe that it is important to lay a moral foundation in order to grow.

It is essential for personal development to establish your own values and priorities. An Impossible List can help you to truly live by your values.

Ten to 15 principles can help you live a better life. They should be thought through and will change over time. However, this change only shows that you are truly growing through your guiding principles.

My Life Vows

  1. See things as they are.
  2. Fix what is under your control.
  3. You are responsible for everything you are involved in.
  4. Be ready. Work. Hard. With joy!
  5. Be a good person.
  6. Be mindful, humble and kind.
  7. Share, because there is no taking without giving.
  8. Tell the truth, even if it is uncomfortable.
  9. Be aware of your own shortcomings.
  10. Treat others as you would treat yourself.
  11. Stand upright without needing to be held upright.
  12. Realize your potential and step out of your comfort zone.
  13. Accept and love everything that happens to you.
  14. Value what you have.
  15. Let nothing and no one stop you, not even yourself.