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No matter how many subjects you have studied and what academic title you have: You should remain a student forever. The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the coastline of the unknown. Progress is better than perfection.

Socrates spoke the famous words:

I know that I know nothing.

But even the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius attended the lessons of various philosophers even in old age. If the most powerful man of his time was humble enough to accept his own ignorance, then so should we.

No matter who we are and what we do, there is always something we can learn. And we shouldn't limit ourselves to our field of work. The most helpful information can also be hidden in other disciplines or areas of life. Moreover, we can learn something from everyone and everything.

An engineer should be as interested in philosophy as a philosopher is in the natural sciences. A lively exchange between research fields produces tolerance, unconventional ideas and progress.

But we can also learn outside our profession: we can learn more about social relationships, cook a fancy dinner or try out a new sport.

It is no coincidence that the German word for getting to know something includes the word “to learn” (“kennenlernen”). Exposure to the unknown is a learning process. You just have to let it happen and avoid being arrogant.

To learn has to do with humility. If you think that you know everything, you will stop learning. Self-reflection is essential.

If you admit to yourself that there is more to discover, you will not only go through life with your eyes open and discover interesting things everywhere, but you will also make greater progress than others. Be open to the lessons life wants to teach you!