Lucas Brenner » Articles » The Education System Fails at the End of the School Career

The education system in Germany (and probably also other countries) has some weaknesses, but the biggest shortcoming, in my opinion, is at the end of the school career. Pupils get their diploma and are then released into professional or student life. Just like that.

I've seen among my friends and acquaintances that there is often a lot of uncertainty at this time about what to do now. Everyone has a rough idea: some want to study or do an apprenticeship – but what exactly they want to do is in the dark.

This leads to more students dropping out and changing studies, especially in the first semesters, than would be necessary. If students were prepared for university or apprenticeships through targeted offers, such as regular introductory lectures at universities in high school, they would know better what to expect.

That's why I'm committed to helping students better prepare for the rest of their lives. Because of my personal experience, I focus on studies and scholarships – but there should also be offers for dual studies, apprenticeships and other job opportunities.

Introductory lectures, talks, support for gifted students and other events are important because young people are adaptable after they leave school. It is also important for students to advocate for pupils because they can best remember their own experiences and are empathetically closer to the youth.

Only through this engagement can the weaknesses of the education system in the transition from school to university / apprenticeship / work be compensated.

The students are our future; therefore, we should prepare them for their professional life in the best possible way.