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If you have the courage to be the volunteer, you stand out from the crowd and are sure of the (positive) attention of others. With the majority of people, caution prevails so that you can stand out by being brave and confident.

By this, I don't mean that one should rush into tasks mindlessly, not knowing what one is doing. You can be courageous by being the first to show up, by volunteering, or by turning on the camera in Zoom meetings.

You shouldn't be afraid to do something wrong. Trying something and then making a mistake is better than not even trying. With your peers and especially your superiors, appreciation will outweigh your courage. Let go of your fear!

Of course, some people will also be jealous of your self-confidence and try to undermine it. Do not listen to these people!

For example, one person in my environment found it embarrassing that I publish articles on this website. I have little contact with that person today; instead, people close to me support me.

Do your thing! Of course, feedback and criticism are important, but some people want to tamp down your efforts to make themselves feel better about their inactivity.

Moving forward boldly will have benefits in your daily and professional life. For example, in university, I was relatively well-known in my grade and by my professors by the first semester because I turned on the camera in video conferences and put my hand up frequently. This made it easier for me to socialize despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Because of your courage, you stand out positively and are perceived as more open and competent. The challenge here is to overcome the inner resistance that wants to keep you from doing so. This resistance will never disappear, but you will get better at overcoming it.

So, if you can bring yourself to stand out from the crowd as a volunteer, new opportunities and tasks will open up for you.

The next time you feel the urge to look away, stay silent, don't speak up, or don't stand out, do the opposite! You will notice that those around you will perceive you in a different way and that you will feel better about yourself. Let nothing and no one stop you, not even yourself.