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Whether it's Christmas, birthdays, or other celebrations, no one wants to receive inappropriate gifts! In this article I will write about many personal opinions of mine. Because of this, my tips may not apply to every person, but nonetheless, this article (In my opinion!) is a good guide.

Less Is More

I'd rather get one thoughtful gift than many thrown together. It's not about having to reach a certain price cap or gift count. If you limit yourself to one gift per person, it will be higher quality and more personalized.

The number of gifts is not important – it's the quality that counts!

Better to Ask than to Surprise

A surprise can be fun, but it carries a large amount of risk. If the gift is received badly, you have a problem. The classic from movies: an unwanted puppy.

But I wouldn't write wish lists either, because then gift-givers might feel pressured to buy something (see the last point of this article). If you don't know for sure what to get a person, asking saves a lot of headaches and stress.

The only exception is when you know that a person wants something specific and you surprise them with it. But here, too, caution is advised: Others might have the same idea, or the recipient might have already bought the gift for himself. Whether a bad gift or a double gift is worse, I leave to your judgment! 😁

It Doesn't Have to Be Anything Material

Presents don't have to be wrapped in gift-wrap. As cheesy as it sounds, there are other ways to please a person.

Experiences like a trip together, a concert, or another special event will be remembered much longer, won't break down over time – and may get something out of it too!

Gifts Are Not an Obligation

In today's society, it is taken for granted that people receive presents for birthdays, Christmas or other celebrations. But actually, it is not so obvious. My grandparents' wedding anniversary made me realize that you can have a great celebration without gifts: They even wrote in the invitation that they didn't expect any. Instead of racking our brains for what to gift, we donated the money.

Of course, this should always be discussed. However, chances are good that the person will just wish for a day together. After all, time is the most precious gift you can give!