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Tidying up your home or your own room and cleaning your digital world, for example your own newsletter, holds numerous benefits. I've gotten into a routine of cleaning up and decluttering every Sunday.

Besides the benefits like cleanliness and being ready for visitors at any time, there are also surprising effects.

A Clear Mind

Only in a tidy environment is it possible to have a clear mind. Clutter distracts the subconscious mind and interferes with thought processes. In a tidy environment, you're not as likely to get overwhelmed.

By tidying up, you can concentrate on what is important. A system can also help you to be more relaxed.

Of course, there are people to whom this does not apply, but it has helped me and I believe that many others will feel the same way.

More Discipline

Having a routine means that tidying up is no longer difficult, but becomes part of normality. Plus, when you clean up weekly, it doesn't take as long the more often you do it.

Through this habit, you strengthen your self-discipline and avoid having to spend a whole day cleaning up because there is so much to declutter.

You can later transfer this self-discipline to other areas of your life, such as your digital life.


By cleaning up regularly, you start to simplify your processes and your living space. I feel more comfortable since I've been tidying up.

With a certain amount of order, you also prevent having to search for things because everything has its place. If keys or your cell phone are always put away in the same place, you don't have to look for them. Less chaos means less overwhelm.

These simplifications are the ideal starting point for practices like minimalism. As with many things, when it comes to tidying up, it's true that it is difficult in the beginning, but once you get started, it's actually fun.