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The number 1,440 can turn your time management completely upside down. Every day has 1,440 minutes. 1,440 chances to work on the most important tasks, invest time in your relationships, have fun or simply relax.

I've made this number my wallpaper on my laptop and smartphone so I automatically remember it. Alternatively, you can stick a post-it to your monitor or write the number on a whiteboard.

The important part is to be reminded of the number regularly and realize that every minute counts. You should limit distractions and unnecessary pastimes as much as you can. Next time you're watching funny video clips on YouTube, realize that your 1,440 minutes are running.

Taking breaks is important – but those breaks should be high-quality and truly refreshing. Watching tons of YouTube videos is not a great break.

Why do many people choose the number 1,440 for this reminder? It doesn't matter what number you choose. You might as well choose 24 (hours) or 86,400 (seconds).

However, I find that 1,440 (minutes) works best. You can easily imagine a minute of time, and yet the number seems so small that you can't believe it fills an entire day. This creates the need to spend this time wisely.

Use the number or phrase that works for you! Just remember that every day is precious and short. Because the truth is, we don't even have 1,440 minutes a day because we sleep through many of them. This shows that every minute is all the more precious.

Make your 1,440 minutes per day count!