About Me

In a Nutshell

I study Geography (Bachelor of Science), work as a student assistant at the University of Bonn and am the chair of the Geography Student Council as well as a scholarship holder of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation.

On this website, I publish articles about productivity, well-being, knowledge management and philosophy — to improve my own life and the lives of others. I combine scientific insights with personal experience and self-experiments.

Lucas Brenner stands in front of the Rhine and the mountains of the Siebengebirge
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Milestones to Date

The following milestones have had a lasting impact on my life to date:

Since I am studying Geography and am concerned with climate change, I have made sure that this website is climate-friendly. According to the Website Carbon Calculator, my website is cleaner than than 98 % of all web pages globally. Click here to see the detailed results of the Website Carbon Calculator.

However, I would not have achieved all of this without certain people in my life and would not be where I am today.